(Image) These face-swaps of current Liverpool stars might give you nightmares for weeks

Liverpool fans were in a jolly good mood after a strong summer window and a good pre-season – well that’s before this fan absolutely managed to freak them out with a series of crazy face-swaps.

In his own words, the Liverpool fan “remixed” the Reds’ senior keepers on Twitter before following the ridiculous post up in the comment section with more face-swaps, involving literally the entire squad.

He didn’t even leave out Jurgen Klopp from his fun, coming up with quite a scary looking mashup of the German manager with Lallana and Salah.

While some fans were able to laugh off the crazy bit of editing, others seemed clearly uneasy after witnessing the bizarre photos.

Not everyone’s cup of tea this! – Check out the spectacularly done face-swaps below:

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