(Video) Rangers fan Carl Frampton has a go at the Celtic fan as new clip of the incident with Nacho Novo surfaces online

The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers touched a new low on Sunday as former Rangers star Nacho Novo came at the receiving end of some nasty abuse from a Celtic fan at the Belfast International Airport.

As new videos of the attack on Nacho surfaced online, the incident received severe condemnation from Rangers fans and all other spheres of Scottish football alike.

Professional boxer Carl Frampton, who also happens to be a die-hard Rangers fan, had a go at the Celtic fan who abused Nacho in a strongly-worded tweet and called for the man to be named and shamed.

The tweet by Frampton received several retweets and was met with comments by both Rangers and Celtic fans alike, most of whom condemned the incident.

Check out Frampton’s Tweet down below –

13 Replies to “(Video) Rangers fan Carl Frampton has a go at the Celtic fan as new clip of the incident with Nacho Novo surfaces online”

  1. “The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers touched a new low …”

    First, let me say that I think that the guy who abused Novo is a cowardly twat who should be banned from Celtic Park. I can’t stand Novo but I think he handled that as well as anyone could have.

    However, to call it a new low beggars belief. Try telling that to the families of the numerous Celtic fans who have been murdered by fans of Rangers, old and new, over the years. Try telling that to Neil Lennon and other high profile Celtic fans who were sent bullets and bombs through the post by Rangers fans.

    Next time, how about a bit of perspective, guys?

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  2. Well according to media the clown has been sacked and deservedly , so enjoy signing on and if celtic have any dignity they’ll ban him from the piggery , i won’t hold my breath on that one . Scotland’s true shame and Ireland’s rejects

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    1. Nah Scotland’s Shame stab visiting fans to Glasgow, send bullets to managers in the post and sing sectarian filth from their hovel of a rundown stadium every game. Hideaway and shite you two faced ballbag. Truescot? Truebigot more like

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  3. FFS what about Griffiths abusers calling him a paedo.These Hun Trumpets need remindeid….There Clubs Deid.This Circus Act they follow is jus that….Frampton with his Unionist Accent….jumping on the bandwagon..Like i read What about Neil Lennon Scott Sinclair etc..Fcking Idiotic Club for Idiotic Fools thats Real Sevcolona

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  4. Imagine supporting an Irish club in Scotland, the tricolour flies in one half of glasgow whilst the Union flag flies alongside Scotlands flag! Taunting Frampton for following the most successful team on the planet, tut tut!
    Jealousy and bitter hatred never sunk our team and keeping repeating it when the rest of the world know ‘We are the People’, makes me pity you more

    Bring it on lhadies ’55 will be all the more pleasing

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