The rivalry between between Arsenal and Spurs is known to be one of the fiercest in English football. Fans of both clubs first recognized each other as main rivals when Arsenal set up base in North London in 1913.

Heated banter between the two sets of fans is a common sight as both groups never shy away from displaying their hatred for each other.

The players too sometimes can’t resist an opportunity to take a dig at their rivals and one such instance featuring Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka left all the Gooners gloating.

Xhaka was pictured signing a fan’s anti-Tottenham kit and the fans are just loving him for it, some even going to the extent of urging new manager Unai Emery to make him Arsenal’s captain for the new season.

Check him out posing with the shirt:

  1. If hatred for a team that seems t o have you edged in the last two seasons qualifies a man for the captains armband, sounds to me like you’re dropping your standards. Good luck gunpeoples. Coyh

  2. Sounds Gooner to me. I think that the 8 is very appropriate. It’s the spot they’ll be aiming for. It’s such a shame that somebody thinks this is a news story.

  3. I’d never print ‘Arsenal’ on my Spurs shirt. Never. Ever. Not in any context, even to say I hate them. On the plus side, even though he has a scummy shirt, it has the name of a proper club printed on the back. Go crawl back into your hole and concentrate your energies on the Europa league

  4. Is that a grown man getting the autograph? For feck sake grow up.
    What a sad individual…..seems more worried about Spurs than he does Arsenal…Says it all really.
    Get a life you sad twat

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