(Image) Chelsea official Twitter with the bants before the big game against Arsenal

The first major London derby of the 2018/19 Premier League season is upon us with Chelsea set to welcome Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Both teams are in the midst of a revamp under their new managers, but Blues still go into the big fixture as favorites, having won 5 of the last 6 home league games against their bitter rivals from North London.

Gunners’ recent form is also inferior after tasting defeat in their opening fixture against Manchester City; while Chelsea hardly broke a sweat on their way to a comfortable 3-0 victory against Huddersfield United.

As is the case every time these 2 giants clash, plenty of lip-smacking banter is expected from fans. The first shot has already been fired by Chelsea’s official Twitter account for its American audience after it came up with a brilliant post to show just how confident they are.

Let’s just say Gooners will be hoping their players don’t go down as easily as the following picture suggests:

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