(Video) Pure filth from Chelsea players with this quick exchange of passes during Arsenal win yesterday

An intense clash ensued between Arsenal and Chelsea on Saturday which saw the West Londoners inch past the Gunners at Stamford Bridge.

Both the teams put up praiseworthy performances in this five-goal thriller but the brilliantly coordinated attacks from the agile Blues midfield gave them the edge in the later stages of the game.

It was around the 70th minute mark when Eden Hazard came on the field, and it wasn’t long before the viewers got to witness one of the most intense exchange of passes between the Blues midfielders leading up to an attack on the Gunners defense.

The pace at which the ball changed feet was blinding and it only goes on to show that the coordination between the Blues’ players is thriving under the guidance of their new manager Maurizio Sarri.

Check out the clip below –

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