(Video) Indian cricketer spotted doing Tottenham star Dele Alli’s viral goal celebration during England Test match

It was only last week that the Tottenham star Dele Alli sparked a raging trend on social media with his unique celebration after the goal against Newcastle United. The `Dele Alli Challenge’, as it is being called, has since become a fad among football stars across the globe with several videos of the challenge doing the rounds on social media.

It now seems that the `Dele Alli Challenge’ has surpassed the realm of football and spread to other sports, cricket to be exact, with an Indian cricketer nailing the unique celebration during a test match against England at Trent Bridge.

KL Rahul, the top-order Indian batsman, performed the challenge with sheer perfection after dismissing Joe Root of England with a beautiful catch at the slips.

Check out the video below –

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