(Video) Chelsea fan on Talksport suggests Tottenham should be deducted 3 points for their stadium delay

Tottenham fans have been relishing the opportunity to see their beloved Spurs play in their sparkling new stadium ever since the plans for the development was first announced and its scheduled opening at the start of the new season was one of the most hotly discussed topics during the summer.

But supporters were utterly devastated when club officials released a statement last month confirming that unprecedented delays have caused the unveiling of the colossal stadium to be pushed till October.

But while dismay was always expected from Spurs fans for the delay, it was a bit surprising to see a Chelsea fan have a go at the club for their stadium woes.

The Blues fan absolutely tore apart the Tottenham top brass especially Daniel Levy on Talksport even suggesting that the FA should be deducing 3 points from the North Londoners till the work is finished prompting some unsavory responses from Spurs fans on Twitter.

Check out an audio clip of the Chelsea supporter’s bizarre rant here:

6 Replies to “(Video) Chelsea fan on Talksport suggests Tottenham should be deducted 3 points for their stadium delay”

  1. Good to see that Chelsea is grasping at straws to try to get ahead of spurs this season. Deduct 30 points from us and we are still way better than they ever will be.

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  2. How many points should Chelsea be deducted since the Israelite has stopped even starting on the new Stamford Bridge? A feeble-minded attempt to undermine Tottenham – but a points deduction is likely to be the only way that minor clubs, such as Arsenal and Chelsea could possibly finish ahead of Spurs, this season. Dream on, muppets!

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  3. Typical rubbish coming a Chelsea fan. Obviously hasn’t a clue as to the size of the project, or what is involved. Recall there were delays when the new Wembley was built. Why should Spurs be penalised for circumstances beyond their control. This guy probably thinks a points a points deduction is the only way Chelsea will finish above Spurs this season. Dream on fellow, it won’t happen!

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