(Image) Study based on Google data shows how big of a club Arsenal really is

In an era where big clubs are judged on the basis of league titles won and European success, Arsenal’s fortunes have been on a steady decline.

The Gunners won their last Premier League title back in 2004 and have been perennial underperformers for more than a decade now. Except a few FA Cup trophies, their supporters around the globe haven’t had much reason to celebrate.

Their lowest point came in 2017 when they failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in 20 years.

Surprisingly, the lack of major silverware over the years and the departure of Arsene Wenger at the end of last season haven’t impacted the Gunners’ popularity.

According to a study based on Google data, the North London club has left most big spending rivals in the English Premier League behind to emerge as the second most searched in the world, behind Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Gooners will be delighted with their club’s soaring popularity even during these tough times. Check out the most searched teams around the globe:


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  1. Arsenal are London pride, and London is the mother of world football and therefore it is no surprise that Arsenal is getting to its natural place gradually . the club has all the potentials to be one of Europe and the world football and its base of supporters is growing by the day allover the world . There is still a problem with its ownership and administration but its strong base of supporters will put things right sooner rather than later , especially after the new manager was given only £70 million as a transfer budget which not enough to allow him to sign one world class players. So the fans base which is paying most of the money will work hard to steady the ship.

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