(Video) Tottenham players on their knees at full time after running themselves ragged during Man Utd win

A determined Tottenham smashed Manchester United 3-0 to claim their first points at Old Trafford under manager Mauricio Pochettino. The big margin of victory becomes all the more impressive considering Spurs started poorly and were lucky to head into the break on level terms as United failed to take advantage of their sloppy display.

The panicky performance in the first half notwithstanding, Tottenham showed how motivated they were to set the record straight as they went into overdrive and rallied back to cut through the much-maligned defence of the home side.

It was a fierce transformation by Pochettino’s men, who seemed jaded just a few moments ago but were able to tap into their energy reserves on their way to scoring not once but thrice to walk away with a deserving victory.

As the referee blew the final whistle, Tottenham players went down their knees, having run themselves ragged. The reaction clearly showed the players had given their all to achieve a win that meant so much to them.

Check out the Tottenham players falling on their knees, having given their hundred percent during the match:

Full time whistle from the away end from r/coys

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