(Image) Surely taking the piss – Twitter account aiming to unite Liverpool and Everton fans is a real thing

It takes some doing to get Liverpool and Everton fans to agree on something and that’s exactly what one page has managed to do on Twitter.

Both Liverpool and Everton fans were indeed united in their views of the fan page called as ‘Liverton‘, but unfortunately for the page the only thing they agreed about was the atrocious nature of the idea behind the fan page.

The page apparently aims to unite the supporters of the two major clubs in Merseyside, urging them to put their differences aside and even has close to 800 followers.

But needless to say, it looks like the idea won’t be catching on anytime soon, well at least according to responses on Twitter with fans of both clubs openly expressing their unwillingness to support the idea of such a union.

Even hearing the term ‘Liverton’ sounds repulsive! Check out the atrocious page below:

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  1. God knows that this will probably never happen, but i think it’s not a bad idea. I’m a true RED, supported Liverpool since i was a wee lad. I live in Canada and before people say, he’s way over there…..he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I certainly know the game and I certainly know LFC. I married an Evertonian…..her father was an avid Everton fan. We use to take the piss out of each other….all in fun of course, but, he was the greatest father-in-law, the greatest man I’ve ever known. When he lived in Liverpool, he told me that some of his mates were Liverpudlians and some were Everonians. When Liverpool were away, they’d go to the Everton match together and vice versa. Dad would always say to me THE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE are playing and I’d respond….DAD!!! that was ancient history. LOL. Anyway, as much as i’d like to see them get along, I don’t think that will ever happen. Not in my lifetime, anyway. CHEERS!!!!!

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