Image – Marcelo Bielsa will always have a place in this Leeds fan’s heart (and skin)

Leeds fans have seen wholesale changes take place when it comes to managers in recent times but it’s safe to say the fans haven’t warmed up to any one as quickly as they have to new boss Marcelo Bielsa.

And the affection looks well justified too with the veteran coach getting the Peacocks to play some pretty amazing football since taking over, with United sitting pretty at the top of the Championship table after 6 games.

While fans often remain sceptical of a manager’s longevity in club football, it seems that the 63-year-old coach has literally left a permanent impression on one particular fan.

In a show of undying affection , the fan chose to get an extravagant looking tattoo of his beloved ‘El Loco’ and even posted a picture of the unfinished tattoo on Twitter.

Check it out below –

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