(Video) Tottenham fans won’t like what Adrian Durham said about their club on Talksport

While the job of pundits and journalists often involve criticizing footballers and clubs when things go wrong, sometimes the criticism becomes a wee too much for those involved to handle.

And that’s exactly what’s happened when Talksport host Adrian Durham said Tottenham should not be considered a ‘big club’ during a show, sparking widespread outrage from Spurs fans all over social media.

The 49-year-old journalist justified his point in a 90 second breakdown and concluded that while a club’s trophy haul is not the ultimate factor to be considered, Tottenham haven’t had the “right mentality” for some time now.

Tottenham fans didn’t take too long to come back at the journo and were seen openly challenging the Brit’s opinion on Talksport’s official Twitter page as soon as the session got out.

Check out the what Durham said in the tweet below –

2 Replies to “(Video) Tottenham fans won’t like what Adrian Durham said about their club on Talksport”

  1. Haha Adrian Durham?
    Who listens to Adrian Durham much less take anything he says seriously?
    He’s a shit stirrer stealing a living from a rubbish radio station anyway.
    I doubt many Spurs fans give a shit what he says about anything.

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