(Image) Arsenal showing real class with this lovely gesture towards an ailing fan

As most football fans can confirm, being a die-hard supporter can often be really hard. You follow your team through thick and thin even when they disappoint you time and again, and moments of joy are few and far between. Arguably nobody has had to deal with this reality in recent years quite like Arsenal fans.

At least in the last decade or so of the Wenger era, Arsenal have been extremely inconsistent on the pitch and Gooners have had to endure more than a few false dawns. That is why it can be an extremely emotional moment for supporters when their club actually shows that it recognizes and appreciates their support.

This is exactly what happened recently to an ailing Arsenal fan. Maureen, a long-time supporter of the club had recently fallen prey to health issues. In response, Arsenal football club sent Maureen a personal letter conveying their sadness at the news and wishing her well in her fight against her health problems.

The club also sent Maureen an autographed picture of Arsenal’s current squad. It was a really classy gesture by the North London club that would have certainly lifted the ailing fan’s morale.

Check out the full letter below:

The classy gesture certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Arsenal fans who were quite proud of their club. Here’s how some Arsenal fans reacted to the letter on social media:

Let’s hope, other football clubs take a leaf out of Arsenal’s book on this regard and do their part in letting fans know their support is appreciated.

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