(Image) Bloke on ‘The Chase’ had an absolute nightmare while replying to an Arsenal related question

Fans of football trivia know that some questions can be quite difficult and really test your memory. Recently, the UK-based game show, ‘The Chase’, posed a football-related question to one of its contestants.

For those who are unaware, ‘The Chase’ is a show where contestants compete against a professional quizzer in order to win prize money. So, one would expect the contestants coming on the show to have brushed up on their general knowledge.

However, one contestant inexplicably gave the wrong answer to an extremely easy question about football. The question posed to him was, ‘In 1996, Arsene Wenger became the manager of which English Premier League club’ and to people’s surprise the contestant chose Option B – Chelsea, rather than Option A – Arsenal.

It was pretty baffling that someone could get this question wrong given that Arsene Wenger was the manager of Arsenal for 22 years before parting ways with the club last summer. Even people who don’t watch football are usually aware of who the Frenchman is.

Perhaps, the contestant was thrown-off by how similar the name ‘Arsene’ was to ‘Arsenal’ and hence perceived it as trick option. Whatever the reason, it was a pretty embarrassing moment that he won’t forget easily.

Image via Reddit

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