(Image) Picture of a Man Utd loving father with his Liverpool supporting daughters goes viral online

Love for a football club is usually passed on through generations, much like religious and political beliefs. However, sometimes rebellious kids end up supporting a different team than their parents.

It can get even weirder in households where different members of the family support rival teams. This is exactly what has happened with one particular family as loyalties have been divided between Manchester United and their arch rivals Liverpool.

A proud mother posted the following photo of her Man Utd supporting husband posing with his 4 daughters, all of whom support Liverpool. The image has gone viral on Twitter as fans are bewildered at how such a situation came to be.

Check out the image below:

While United fans would probably consider it bad parenting on the part of the father, Liverpool fans are obviously quite pleased that the kids gravitated towards the right club. One thing is for sure – conversations around the dinner table in this family are certainly likely to be pretty heated.

Image via Twitter

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