(Video) FIFA 19’s depiction of the new stadium goes viral among Tottenham fans

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been looking forward to watching their team play in their new state-of-the-art stadium for a while now. The stadium which will cost the club close to a billion pounds boasts of some unbelievable features including what is soon going to be UK’s largest single tier stand, a cheese room, a micro-brewery and a retractable pitch in order to host NFL games.

Several video and pictorial illustrations of how the stadium is going to look when it’s completed, has gotten fans even more exited. So, it was only natural that the fans were left disappointed when the announcement was made a few weeks ago that the opening date of the facility would be delayed due to some technical glitches.

So predictably, the excitement among the Spurs fan base has leveled off after they were informed that they are likely to play their home games in Wembley for several more weeks. However, thanks to FIFA 19’s depiction of the stadium, Spurs fans on social media have gotten excited once again.

Fifa 19’s representation of the stadium has gone viral among Spurs fans on Twitter who desperately want to watch their team play in the new 62,062 capacity stadium. Check out the image below:

Spurs fans will be hoping they don’t have to wait too much longer to experience the facility for themselves.

Image via Twitter

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