(Video) Catch a glimpse of the LED Halo ring setup on the roof of Tottenham’s new stadium

The delay in the unveiling of Tottenham’s new stadium has been a matter of much anguish for fans. The 62,062-seat arena was initially scheduled to open at the start of the season but due to safety issues, Spurs have been forced to continue using Wembley for their home matches.

Spurs fans had been waiting anxiously to finally see their team in action at home and have rightly expressed their disappointment over the postponement.

Even though the supporters have been forced to be patient, there’s no doubt that they’ll be in for a glorious (albeit slightly delayed) experience, as numerous images have shown the sprawling stadium looking quite spectacular, especially with lights inside in full effect.

And with the installation of LED lights on the stadium’s exterior – 324 of them reportedly surrounding the roof – Tottenham fans might just be in for a treat.

As a video captured by a fan from the top of the stadium shows, the new stadium is going to have an extra sparkle to it when it’s finally ready for action. Check out the arrangement of the LED lights below:

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