(Video) Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp taking the piss out of pundits is the best thing you’ll see today

A special charity match dubbed ‘Match for Cancer’ was played out in Celtic Park 4 days ago, with James Milner’s 11 taking on Stiliyan Petrov’s 11. Both teams consisted of a mixture of former and current players and with Jurgen Klopp put in charge of Milner’s 11 and Brendan Rodgers in charge of Petrov’s 11.

The match ended 3-3 and all the proceeds from the match went to three charities – The James Milner Foundation, The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation and The Celtic FC Foundation. While the match was played in good spirits and involved a lot of funny moments, footage of one particular hilarious moment that occurred before the match was released by Liverpool.

Klopp was giving Milner’s 11 his pre-match talk with his tactics board in front of him but needless to say this was anything but a typical pre-match pep talk. The 51-year-old’s instructions was more akin to a stand up performance than tactical preparation.

There were several hilarious lines delivered by the German but perhaps the best of the them was when he had a cheeky dig at football pundits. There were a few former player turned pundits in Milner’s 11 and Klopp insisted that since they were pundits, they would have to play 120 minutes instead of just the usual 90.

Watch Jurgen Klopp’s full pre-match talk below:

There is no doubt that the likes of Jamie Redknapp and Owen Hargreaves have been critical of several Premier League managers in the past and this was perhaps Klopp’s way of getting them back, although to be fair, it was all tongue in cheek.

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