(Image) This Tottenham fan’s combined XI before the Liverpool game actually looks rather sick

When previewing a fixture between two good sides, it’s become customary these days and to try and make a combined eleven. Apart from it being really fun to do, it is also a great marker on how the two sides compare with each other. So, it’s no surprise that fans really enjoy the exercise.

Since the biggest game of this weekend is Tottenham vs Liverpool, it’s only natural that a few fan channels and pages have made a Tottenham-Liverpool combined eleven. As you would expect, there’s been a lot of disagreement between both sets of fans as both squads are full of top-class players and fans are obviously biased towards their own players.

However, one Tottenham fan on social media has a picked a combined eleven that has both Liverpool and Spurs fans pretty much in agreement that it is probably the best eleven possible from both the squads. The team the fan has picked lines up in a 3-4-3 formation and looks unbelievably strong on paper. The XI arguably has the best defence as well attack in world football, and a pretty tasty midfield as well.

Check out the combined XI below:

While there will still be some disagreement from a section of both fan bases with respect to contests like Lloris vs Alisson, Rose vs Robertson and Kane vs Firmino, both sets of fans seem to be in general agreement that it is a brilliant eleven. The fact that the team is divided 6-5 between Liverpool and Spurs players shows how closely the two teams are matched ahead of the big game on Saturday.

One thing is for sure though – if the above eleven competed as one team, they will not just challenge City but arguably win the league with ease.

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