(Video) Rangers fans will love this wee bit of banter between Stephen Kelly and Steven Gerrard in training

Since football clubs are multi-million dollar businesses these days, they tend to keep most of their inner workings a secret. Fans hardly get to see the day to day interactions between the managers, players and the board.

Even when they talk to the press, their answers seem to be rather diplomatic and sometimes even robotic. Hence, fans get really excited when they are shown a rare glimpse of what happens behind the scenes.

This also perhaps explains why Manchester City’s documentary ‘All or Nothing’ really struck a chord with football fans as it humanized players and the coaching staff by showing what happens inside the changing room and the training ground.

So, Rangers fans on social media were really pleased today when the club decided to release a small 30-second video of manager Steven Gerrard congratulating 18-year-old Stephen Kelly for signing a new three-year contract with the club.

The young midfielder seemed quite embarrassed as Gerrard asked him to sing a song in front of the whole squad.

Watch the video below:

While Kelly was too shy to go ahead with the song, Rangers fans will love the fact that Gerrard is trying to get the youngster to feel comfortable with the squad. It is clear that the former Liverpool man is trying to foster a family atmosphere within the Rangers dressing room.

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