(Photo) Extremely graphic: Here’s how Firmino’s eye got injured by Vertonghen during Liverpool v Spurs

If there is one thing we know about Roberto Firmino, it is that he always works his socks off and keeps the opposition defenders honest. The Reds’ match against Spurs yesterday was no different as the 23-year-old kept Vertonghen and Alderweireld on their toes throughout game.

Firmino, who scored Liverpool’s all important second goal, competed relentlessly for every ball with the Tottenham defenders. Around the 72nd minute, as the ball broke loose, the Brazilian was locked in a tussle with Vertonghen to win the ball. However, Firmino suffered a terrible eye injury as the Belgian defender’s finger went straight into Firmino’s left eye.

While the challenge seemed innocuous at the time, it soon became clear that Firmino had a major issue and would have to be withdrawn from the game.

A picture doing the rounds on social media actually shows how brutal Firmino’s injury was. The graphic image shows how deeply Vertonghen’s index finger sunk into the Brazilian’s eye:

Check out the image below:

Although, it was far from deliberate from Vertonghen, the injury does look like an extremely nasty one. Thankfully it has been confirmed that the Brazilian striker hasn’t suffered any long term damage to his eye and could even feature in the game against PSG on Tuesday.

Image via Twitter

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  1. Was everyone watching the same game as me??! I can’t believe how many long balls we’re playing now! And how many times we gave the ball away!
    We’re gonna have to do a LOT better than this! And why isn’t Shaqiri being given a chance?? He’s twice the player Wijnaldum is!

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