(Video) One Leeds fan loving it as everyone broke into an anti-Leeds song during a T20 cricket match in Birmingham

Most English football hate their local rivals with a passion but one team has the privilege of being hated by most fans up and down the country – Leeds United. Fans of various teams often break into songs about how much they hate Leeds even when the Whites aren’t involved in the game at all.

These kinds of derogatory songs about Leeds are not just heard in and around Yorkshire but also in places like Manchester, London and the North East. This phenomenon reached a whole new level a few days ago when an anti-Leeds song broke out in Birmingham, not in a football match but a cricket match.

Sussex Sharks were taking on Worcestershire Rapids in the T20 blast final in front of a capacity crowd in Edgbaston, when the crowd suddenly started singing, “We all hate Leeds sc*m”, in the middle of the game.

It was a surreal moment as everybody decided to join in the song in the song, with the exception of one Leeds fan who proudly displayed his team’s colors when the song began.

Watch the video of the crowd breaking into the song:

At a time when the country is deeply divided on the basis of football rivalries and political issues like Brexit, the one thing that seems to bring the country together is everybody’s hatred of Leeds United. Leeds fans certainly won’t mind that as not only are they used to it but they actually seem to revel in it.

If Leeds continue their great start to the season under Bielsa, you might just hear songs of this kind quite regularly in Premier League grounds from next season onward.

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