(Image) Look how Rangers fans are trolling their Celtic counterpart after the Europa League games

Being a Rangers fan hasn’t been easy for the past few years. Gers fans have had to live with the club going into administration & subsequent liquidation and starting again from the bottom tier of Scottish football. Although, the Glasgow giants have worked their way back to the top tier, they’ve still been in the shadow of their rivals Celtic for the past few years.

However, it appears that things might be starting to change as there is a lot of optimism around the club under new manager Steven Gerrard. Rangers took part in their first European group stage game since 2012 against Villarreal in what was a historic day for the club. The Gers battled out an impressive 2-2 draw, thus showing how far they’ve come in recent years.

After the Europa League results, it appears Rangers fans now have bragging rights over their arch-rivals in at least one way. A Rangers fan posted a tweet comparing the number of views for the highlights of their game against Villarreal, and Celtic’s game against Rosenborg. It appears that the Rangers game had more views on UEFA’s official website than Celtic’s game and Chelsea’s game combined.

Check out the numbers below:

While Celtic fans would dismiss this as a minor matter, there is no doubt that Rangers fans will take pleasure in trolling their rivals, after several years of agony.

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  1. Wow, they really dredge the bottom when looking for attention, last time I checked, there is no financial or points reward for such laughable dross. But then again being tribute fans, they will probably call it another of their world records, and demand at least another star on their counterfeit tops.

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