(Video) Staunch Wenger critic Mr. DT seen being cute with the old Arsenal boss at the FIFA awards last night

Coming face to face with someone you’ve constantly criticized on various public platforms can be quite an awkward experience. Well, not if you’re Mr. DT – famous YouTuber and staunch critic of Arsenal’s most successful manager, Arsene Wenger.

The AFTV regular, who had given Wenger an incredible amount of stick over the years was spotted calmly chatting with the 68-year-old last night at the FIFA awards.

DT has been previously criticized and called a hypocrite by Gunners fans for taking a selfie with the Frenchman before his departure from the club, and watching him unabashedly smiling in Wenger’s presence might enrage them further.

Check out Mr. DT being cute with the former Arsenal boss:

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