(Image) FIFA 19 developers reckon this is how Arsenal goalie Petr Cech goes about his life off the pitch

Over the years, Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech’s helmet has become as synonymous with him as those stunning saves he keeps coming up with. The 36-year-old has been donning the protective headgear in matches ever since a collision with Reading’s Stephen Hunt in 2006 resulted in a fractured skull.

While it’s unimaginable to picture the shot-stopper without his head armor during a game, game developers of FIFA’s latest version seem to have taken things a bit too seriously while depicting Cech off the pitch.

In a hilarious gaffe, the Czech international is seen all suited up while negotiating a contract on FIFA 19 career mode – but with his helmet still intact.

Check out a screenshot of the embarrassing glitch, it might just be the funniest thing you see:

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