(Video) Alexandre Lacazette getting no reward for honesty after staying on his feet despite being fouled during Arsenal v Watford

Diving on a football field has become quite rampant in recent times. While most players have perfected the art of going down even at the slightest of touches, Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette set quite an example by trying to stay on his feet despite clearly being fouled against Watford.

But such is the sad reality of the game that unless one resorts to theatrics, chances are quite low of getting the decision in your favour, especially in the penalty area.

It does seem like injustice because had Lacazette gone down, it would have been a sure-shot penalty.

While his honesty might not have been rewarded by the referee, the 27-year-old earned quite a lot of respect for shunning the menacing trend of gaining advantage by unfair means and staying true to himself.

Check out a clip of the incident that shows how the beautiful game was meant to be played:

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