(Image) The new stadium must be nearly ready as Tottenham fans start receiving their season tickets packs

Even though Tottenham fans have the right to be a little sceptical about news pertaining to the completion of development of their new stadium, it now genuinely seems like the much-awaited opening is closer than ever before.

The club left fans disappointed after pushing up the scheduled opening of the ground earlier in the year but have now started sending out ticket packs to their season ticket holders.

The club’s decision could be a big hint that the work on the ground-breaking stadium is in its closing stages and is not all that far way from an official unveiling.

The timing of the development is also interesting as it fits in with Pochettino’s claim during a recent presser that he is “confident” the stadium will open before Christmas after talks with Daniel Levy.

The lucky supporters who received the packs were obviously thrilled and were quick to post photos of the goodies they got from the club on Twitter.

Check out the posts from the delighted supporters here:

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