Paul Anderson maybe wooing over plenty of spectators as Arthur Shelby in the hit series Peaky Blinders but the British actor has pretty much blown his chances of getting the same love from the Rangers faithful any time soon.

Several Rangers fans took to Twitter to vent their anger at the 40-year-old after he expressed his love for bitter rivals Celtic and Kieran Tierney through a video on the popular social networking site.

Dressed up in Arthur Shelby’s attire, the actor declared his allegiance to the Hoops while holding up a Celtic shirt before kissing the Celtic crest at the end of the 15 second clip.

The responses on Twitter from many Rangers fans seem to point to an impending boycott of the series with many fans totally uninterested in watching a series where one of the main characters is played by a Hoops fan.

Safe to say he won’t be given a warm reception around Ibrox.

Quite NSFWish, check out some of the responses below :

  1. Well if in an alternate universe Arthur Shelby was waiving a Sevco top & cheering for Andy Halliday’ I’d still watch Peaky Blinders, its an awesome show.. fortunately we are not in an alternative universe, season 5 is just around the corner & 8 in a row will closely follow..:)

  2. I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to those tribute fans who tweeted the above posts. They simply reinforce their total lack of intelligence, class and smoldering bigoted outlook.

  3. The huns so pathetic and jealous! A new club but like the old only a small west of Scotland one”as even stated by oldco director hugh adam as he said in the Sunday herald 2002 “Celtic are a global club especially through their Irish dispoara this is a fact”we are merely a west of Scotland one”! Fact! Then oldco died in 2012 as they myth they were global died with it CELTIC HAVE FANS ALL OVER THE ARTS AS THEY ARE A MASSIVE GLOBAL ICONIC CLUB LOVED AND RESPECTED THE WORLD OVER !!I SEEN IT FIRST HAND AND ALSO LIVED IN SYDNEY FOR YEARS BARELY AN ORC IN SIGHT!!CELTIC CLUBS EVERYWHERE! !YOU NOTHING BUT POISONOUS FILTH AND THE PEEKY BHOYS WILL BE PISSING THEMSELVES AT THESE TWEETS! YOUR IRRELEVANT AND YOU KNOW IT!! STOP CRAVING THE VALADATION OF THE FAMOUS CELTIC YOU PERMA RAGING VILE FILTH ! YOUR A STAIN ON SOCIETY UTTER SCUM! HAIL HAIL TREBLE! TREBLE! ON THE WAY THEN 10,15 OR 20! THO REGARDLESS THE TRIBUTE ACT BE LONG DEAD BY THEN

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