(Video) Mauricio Pochettino again showing why he is considered such a class act by the Tottenham fans

Having transformed Tottenham Hotspur into a closely knit unit that’s starting to consistently feature in the top four of the Premier League table, it’s no secret that Mauricio Pochettino holds a special place in the hearts of Spurs supporters.

What has endeared him further to fans is the 46-year-old’s affable personality.

The charming Argentine has always had time for fans and exudes great warmth whenever he interacts with them.

Recently, Poch gave a perfect example of his bewitching ways when meeting a young fan who had walked up to his car.

Upon receiving a present, the manager was a picture of class as he went on to engulf the little kid in a one-armed hug.

It was a brilliant moment for the young fan and one which prompted the person (probably the kid’s dad) shooting the scene to quip “ah Poch, you’re a legend”.

He truly is. Check out the heartwarming moment below:

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