(Image) Picture of 3 Celtic fans watching Rangers beat Hamilton in a bar goes viral online

Rangers fans would have been delighted with the way their team found a way past Hamilton after having squandered the first-half lead when Steven Boyd equalized for the home side in the 80th minute.

But three goals in quick succession – including two from the penalty spot – gave Steven Gerrard his first away victory since he took charge of the Glasgow club at the start of the season.

The win was also essential for the Gers as it meant they didn’t fall too far behind Old Firm rivals Celtic, who won their own match against Hibernian on Saturday and are second in the table with nineteen points after nine games – just a couple more than Gerrard’s men.

Aside from the all important victory that helped them close the gap with their rivals, there was another reason for Gers fans to gloat as 3 Hoops fans were spotted watching the telecast in a bar.

A picture of the 3 Celtic fans decked up in their club colors catching their heated rivals’ game has gone viral on the internet, spreading much joy amongst the Rangers faithful for the attention their club receives from their enemies.

Check out the snap:

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  1. Aye its all about the Sevco??How a Club went through Administration and then the Reality of Liquidation.And how the miraculous miracle that None of that Ever Never really happened.It was a figment of the whole worlds imagination that was playing tricks on Us.None of it actually happened.It was all a misunderstanding.Minty didnt recieve a £1 Nugget from Craigy Bhoy Whyte.Charles Greene isnt Sevco’s Founding Father.Sevco are the most Disgraceful Club Ever in World Football.All this BS,GoinFor55.Its more like GoinFor,01…All is swell over in LaLa Land.Sevco are trying to stop the Mighty Celtic Doing Ten In A Row.UTR COYBIG YNWA!!!!

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