(Image) Liverpool based photographer gets a great shot of Anfield, look at Goodison Park though

A Liverpool based photographer’s brilliant picture of Anfield has gone viral on the internet.

It’s a glorious shot that perfectly encapsulates the soothing colors of autumn, with the Reds’ home ground looming large in the background under the sky.

However, a closer look reveals that the snap also includes the other football stadium in the city, Everton’s Goodison Park, which looks like a tiny speck of blue in the bottom right hand corner.

Though it’s probably the angle which makes the Toffees’ arena look a lot smaller than it really is, the Kopites are not one to pass by an opportunity to point it out to their much-hated neighbours.

The two clubs have been bitter rivals ever since a dispute amongst Everton’s board member led to them adopting Goodison Park as their new home while their old stadium, Anfield became the home of Liverpool F.C, which was formed as a result of the dispute.

Check out the stunning photograph by Dave Wood below:

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