(Video) Little Celtic fan doesn’t know how to react after being presented with the tickets for RB Leipzig game

For most diehard football fans, the joy of watching their favorite team battle it out live from the stadium is quite unprecedented and easily surpasses the feeling of watching the action on TV screens.

To be part of a passionate and energetic crowd rooting for its players, and to experience the flurry of emotions as the drama unfolds in front of their eyes is what makes it so special.

Just what it means to fans to be able to have that amazing experience can be gauged by the reaction of a young Celtic supporter who was pleasantly surprised and didn’t know what to do after being presented with the tickets for the Hoops’ Europa League match against RB Leipzig in Germany.

The little fan certainly wasn’t expecting it and could hardly believe his parents even after he was given the tickets.

Check out a clip that was uploaded by the kid’s dad showing his face that had shock written all over it:

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