(Video) Mesut Ozil was sensational but this Arsenal fan at the Emirates stole the show last night

Mesut Ozil went on to produce a masterclass display during Arsenal’s come-from-behind 3-1 victory against Leicester City at the Emirates last night.

But some of his thunder – at least on the internet – has arguably been stolen by a Gunners fan watching the action from the stands.

The supporter in question was seated in the front row and was captured making some really strange gestures at female assistant referee Sian Massey in an unsuccessful attempt to grab her attention.

If the winks and the kissing gestures were an attempt to flirt with the lineswoman whose job required her to face away from him, it wasn’t the wisest of moves since she probably didn’t even notice.

Nevertheless, the guy’s antics made it to the internet so kudos to him. Check out the weird faces he pulls off if you’re in need of a few chuckles:

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