(Image) Look how Man Utd fans are trolling Graeme Souness for his agenda against Paul Pogba

Graeme Souness hasn’t been shy to express his disdain for Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and takes it upon himself to have a dig at the midfielder at every opportunity he gets.

After blasting the Frenchman for his mistake which lead to Chelsea’s opening goal on Saturday, the former Scottish international couldn’t resist the temptation to have a go at Pogba once again during the Monday Night Football show.

Criticising the 25-year-old even while discussing a completely different issue entirely obviously baffled the United faithful and hence it was no surprise that they used the channel’s tweet inviting queries for the show to have a go at the Sky Sports Pundit.

United fans took the 65-year-old to town with their responses and it’s safe to say that Souness would have had a hard time answering some of these questions if the channel had decided to pick them for the show.

It’ll be wonderful to hear Souness talk about some of these Queries on his next show. Check out the tweets below :

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