With their yet-to-be-completed new stadium boasting of a host of unique features, Tottenham fans must be itching for an opportunity to step foot inside their swanky ground.

While there was much fan furore when the delay in its opening was announced in September, it just might be worth the wait as the sprawling 62,000 seat arena includes the longest bar in UK, a sky lounge with a panoramic view of the action, a retractable pitch, heated seats and even a microbrewery among other things.

Another brilliant aspect for spectators is that those modern seats in the new stadium will offer quite a generous amount of legroom to fans, which means they won’t be disturbed by the constant traffic moving around them and will be able to cheer without having to tuck their legs or stand up again and again.

Now let’s just hope the board announces the opening date soon. Meanwhile, check out the amount of space Spurs supporters are going to enjoy:

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