(Video) Footage appears showing that it was Michael Dawson who punched Pontus Jansson during Leeds v Nottingham Forest

Leeds United’s defender Pontus Jansson was accused of punching Nottingham Forest’s Michael Dawson during a scuffle that ensued Kemar Roofe’s controversial equalizer which helped the Elland Road side to salvage a 1-1 draw.

The incident occurred when the players were dispersing after the referee, having failed to spot that Roofe had used his hand to score, upheld the goal.

While Forest players were still protesting, Pontus grabbed the ball in order to quickly take it back to the centre but Dawson objected and the two were involved in a tussle in which the former allegedly punched him.

But there appears to be a twist in the tale as further footage has revealed that it was Dawson who punched the Swede after he had successfully retrieved the ball and was running back with it.

Let’s just hope that the incident dies down but if the FA is going to charge someone, this clip could come in handy.

Check it out for yourself and decide who punched whom:

7 Replies to “(Video) Footage appears showing that it was Michael Dawson who punched Pontus Jansson during Leeds v Nottingham Forest”

  1. Every one knows the leagues corrupt, the ref gave a free kick against us on Saturday when in fact we should have had a penalty, the forest players were effing and blinding, there was the head butting and cheating for a penalty incidents at the Brentford game. But nothing is ever going to get done because it’ would benefit Leeds, and that’s never going to happen.

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  2. What is the point making a serious comment as we are Leeds and it is yet another occasion where we are treated terribly by the Football League. They make an example of us and were disgusting with their treatment of Pontus last week, and what a surprise, nobody has noticed this incident. No support for Leeds from the football hierarchy yet again. Why do we moan, we are used to it?

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  3. I’ve just read some rubbish by one of Clough’s old zombies, Kenny Burns, stating they were robbed and laughably comparing Roofe’s goal to Maradonas in 86! What a load of pish!
    The ball was going in anyway and Roofe’s actions were instinctive and not pre-owned meditated like the dwarf Argie.

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