(Video) Dele Alli messing about with Tottenham teammate Harry Winks in England training today

Celebrations from the video game Fortnite stormed their way into the footballing world a few months ago.

The game is much loved amongst footballers and some of them just can’t help but pull off the moves while celebrating a goal or well, just goofing around.

Other than the dab and the floss dance, another routine that has become quite a hit with players is called “Take the L” and involves holding your hand to your head in an L shape indicating ‘loss’ and dancing with your legs out to either side.

And that’s exactly the move Dele Alli, who’s known for his unique celebrations, dished out at Tottenham teammate Harry Winks during a light-hearted moment in a training session for England.

Check out Alli messing about with his fellow Spurs mate in the video below, the moment comes after the 7 minute mark :

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