(Video) Goosebumps-inducing footage of the Union Bears chanting ‘Super Rangers Ole’ during a recent game

The Union Bears is a Rangers support group that was was formed in the summer of 2007 and if the thumping noise they make in a clip that’s doing the rounds is anything to go by, they certainly seem to be doing a good job in keeping the morale high.

The Ibrox side has been in fantastic form lately and is just two points off the summit, which has ensured the mood amongst the supporters remains positive as they continue to cheer for manager Steven Gerrard and his men.

And the goosebumps-inducing footage of the famous support group belting out ‘Super Rangers Ole’ during a recent game shows just the kind of constant assistance needed by the Glasgow team as they aim to recapture their glory days under Gerrard.

Check it out below:

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