Pic – A big part of the whole ‘rooftop Skywalk experience’ at the new Tottenham stadium gets installed

It’s a known fact that Tottenham’s new stadium, which was set to open up a few months ago but got delayed due to safety concerns, has got some unique features – including a breathtaking rooftop Skywalk for visitors.

The Skywalk will allow spectators to hike up the exterior of the arena and have a panoramic view of London while also being able to stroll across a transparent glass bridge that protrudes over the South Stand.

While it’s still not clear when the new stadium will be able to host visitors, supporters of the club have cause to be excited as pictures have emerged online that show the dramatic abseiling – a big part of the awe-inspiring experience which connects the Skywalk to the podium below is now ready.

Do check out the pictures of the abseiling platform and if you’re a Spurs fan, do keep the ropes ready:

Via Twitter

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