(Video) Football fans praise Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk for this gesture towards the referee after Netherlands 2-2 Germany

As if his last minute goal that earned Netherlands a 2-2 draw against Germany in a Nations League encounter wasn’t enough reason for Liverpool fans to rejoice, Virgil van Dijk made them even more proud when he went ahead and pulled off a brilliant gesture towards the referee after the full time whistle had blown.

Instead of the usual post-match handshake, the inspirational Dutch captain went up to a teary-eyed Ovidiu Hategan and embraced him.

The 27 year-old later revealed that he comforted the official as he had just lost his mother and so couldn’t help himself from breaking down on the pitch.

Such a touching gesture by the Reds star who’s become quite a firm fan-favorite at Anfield already and it’s no surprise why.

The big man is getting a lot of praise from football fans around the world for this gesture towards the grieving referee. Check out the brilliant moment below:

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