There’s a clip doing the rounds on Twitter that allegedly shows Tottenham’s Dele Alli and Chelsea’s Ross Barkley engaging in a heated argument with the staff at Radisson Mayfair hotel.

While the players do seem to be quite tied up in an animated conversation with the hotel crew, it isn’t very clear if things are too bad unless one chooses to believe the person who’s shooting the video.

The bloke behind the camera informs us that it’s 5 am in the morning and that the duo is drunk while also calling them “c*nts” and “embarrassing” at one point in the footage.

Not sure what to think of it, honestly. Go check it out for yourself:

  1. Glee you don’t know what happened to Dele or Barclay! it could of been unacceptable what happened we don’t know but obviously it wasn’t good for a hotel that charges a mortgage to stay there you expect a top notch service, people don’t react like that for nothing! you sound so superior with your pc attitude, so what they had a moan don’t we all? tired of this pc culture in this country! get a life!

  2. Hahahaha the amount of negativity that this country’s society spouts via social media is unreal. He sounds more of a c**t than those two. So what that they’re England players? If you watch the Dele piece on sky from a few months ago he comes across as a decent lad who’s upbringing wasn’t the best and done well to get to the level he has.

  3. It only became an embarrassment when the pr**t behind the camera posted his video on social media. By the way, what was a low-life like him doing in the Radisson at 5.00am.

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