(Image) Arsenal fans not happy with this message on the executive toilets at the new Tottenham stadium

Arsenal fans have used their famous “Mind The Gap” chant to mock the misfortunes of their North London rivals and perennial underdogs Tottenham over the years.

The Gunners had been used to getting the better of their rivals until the appointment of a certain Mauricio Pochettino as Spurs manager in 2014 balanced things a bit.

The Argentine has transformed his men into a consistent top 4 side while their rivals haven’t had the greatest of times in the past couple of years.

With their changing fortunes, it seems the Lilywhites have used Arsenal’s own chant against themselves, with a special message for them on the toilets at their newly constructed stadium.

While it is unclear if the pictures on Twitter are authentic, they’ve certainly managed to grab the attention of Gooners, who are not at all happy about it.

Check out the snap below:

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