(Video) Liverpool first-team coach celebrating right in front of Everton bench after Origi goal

Liverpool 1-0 Everton

Divock Origi’s fortuitous last-minute goal to hand Liverpool a 1-0 victory over Merseyside rivals Everton resulted in Anfield going absolutely wild with celebration.

The Belgian striker did well to lurk close by the goal and nodded in after Toffees goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s bungled effort to tip over Virgil van Dijk’s miscued volley resulted in the ball bouncing twice on the bar before spinning back in play.

While the 23-year-old’s strike prompted manager Jurgen Klopp to go on a full-blooded sprint on the pitch towards his shot-stopper Alisson in pure joy, first-team coach Pepijn Lijnders was also spotted celebrating quite passionately- and that too right in front of their rivals’ bench!

While Everton fans won’t be too pleased by it, a last-gasp win like that in a Merseyside derby can result in even the calmest of people losing control and going crazy.

Check out Pep Lijnders’ enthusiastic celebration:

Pepijn Lijnders is a crazy man. Celebrating right in front of the Everton bench. from r/LiverpoolFC

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