(Video) The moment Liverpool fans drowned out the Champions League anthem pre kick-off v Napoli

Ahead of their do-or-die clash against Napoli last Tuesday, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had called on fans to unleash the kind of electric Anfield atmosphere which has aided the hosts in downing numerous great teams over the years.

Answering the affable German’s call and perhaps proving a point to visiting manager Carlo Ancelotti who had laughed off their iconic ground’s reputation as one of Europe’s most intimidating venues, the home supporters turned up at their boisterous best to put the visitors off their game even before Mohamed Salah could deliver the knockout punch.

If the celebrations were wild after the job had been complete and Ancelotti’s men had been knocked out of Europe’s top tier despite only suffering their first loss in six group games, the noise that reverberated inside the stadium prior to kick-off is what set the tone for another famous European night.

With players of both teams lined up on the pitch, it seemed as if the whole of Anfield sprang to life and chanted in unison to successfully drown out the Champions League anthem which was blaring on the speakers.

Check out the goosebumps-inducing moment below:

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