Onwards n Upwards.Sevco and there Fellow Dodgy Hand Shakers ie …

Comment on (Image) Look at Mikael Lustig’s comment on Timothy Weah’s post after Celtic win by Green Machine.

Onwards n Upwards.Sevco and there Fellow Dodgy Hand Shakers ie Officials,Wont Stop Ten In A Row.

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Iconic photo captures Scott Brown’s moment with Celtic fans in all its glory
HH Mon the HooPs

Celtic fan pulls off a cheeky edit on Jordan Jones’ Wikipedia page after his winner against Rangers
lolol Quality..Now the Undead will Rant about Obsessions etc.Its just Grand witnessing Sevco in Despair.HfH

(Video) Celtic fan claims referee bias towards Rangers with this 150 second video of the second half
Bring in Foreign Officials.Problem Solved.That way there wont be Any Hunest Mistakes.HH..They will do anything to Stop 10 In A Row.They constantly Obsess over child abuse.Its football ffs,Idiots that drag BS into it need there heads examined.

Celtic fans replying to Colombian news outlets in Spanish to slate Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos
Must have listened to McCulloch.At the end of the day,Its the first time in there pathetic Six Year History they have beaten Celtic.They seem to be revelling in it a wee bit much.Understandable though,After there First Club was Liquidated.

(Video) Celtic fans taking the piss out of James Tavernier’s comments post Hibernian draw
The Club of Dignity sure know how to pump out Utter Guff.Well they have The Lying King at the Helm,Says it All..Next they will accuse Celtic of being Obsessed.This New Club just cant help Given Gifts.HfH HWG10IAR