Chelsea admin savages Liverpool as Premier League clubs play a game of Goal Chain on Twitter

The suspension of leagues all over Europe has been a blow for all football fans. These leagues were a source of entertainment, passion, joy and ecstasy. People could relax watching football during the weekend, after working hard all week.

That routine changed once the coronavirus pandemic entered Europe, with country after country suffering due to the nature of the virus. This has led to the suspension of football and there have been more measures adopted to ensure the safety of all the people. People have been requested to self-quarantine and to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

The clubs, especially in the Premier League, have taken it upon themselves to keep the fans entertained during these terrible times. They have been flooding their social media pages with throwback goals, highlights, interviews, podcasts, and whatnot.

They have also been keeping up the banter amongst themselves.

Case in point, this recent Twitter trend created by Burnley FC, wherein other clubs were asked to post one of the best goals ever scored by one of their players while also tagging the side against whom the goal was scored.

Burnley started the goal chain with a screamer from Jeff Hendrick against Bournemouth.

Bournemouth continued the chain with a Harry Wilson free-kick against Man City.

Man City tagged Arsenal, courtesy of de Bruyne’s wonder goal against them this season.

Arsenal decided to troll Spurs by uploading the goal Patrick Vieira’s goal against them during their Invincibles season of 2003-04, which won them the league at White Hart Lane.

Spurs went all the way back to the 1992-93 season for Nayim’s stunning volley against Liverpool

The biggest troll of the evening was yet to come, as when Liverpool uploaded Mohamed Salah’s wonder goal against Chelsea in front of the Kop last season, and Chelsea decided to exact revenge in the most ultimate piece of shithousery ever seen.

The Blues’ official account re-tagged Liverpool in Demba Ba’s goal against them in the 2013-14 season.

A goal which became universally infamous after Steven Gerrard slipped to cost Liverpool their first title in 24 years.


By Abhay Kartha

I love watching football and my free time is usually spent watching the highlights of games, as well as updating my knowledge about what's currently happening on and off the pitch.

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