Ademola Lookman takes the worst penalty since Diana Ross in 94

Stoppage time horror for Fulham

Things are going bad for you if the opposition score in the 91st minute of the game but even the most pessimistic of us could not have imagined what Fulham went through at the very last minute of their brutal defeat against West Ham United.

Ademola Lookman arguably took one of the worst penalties in recent memory with a shocking injury-time panenka that cost Fulham big time last night –

A penalty so bad it looks Diana Ross’ effort in the opening ceremony of the 1994 World Cup looks slightly better in comparison –


Ademola Lookman was rightly devastated but his manager Scott Parker has every right to be infuriated with a player taking a penalty like that at such a crucial stage.

The Fulham boss said – “anyone can miss a penalty but if you decide to take a penalty like that it needs to hit the back of the net.”


“The character in him will need to dust himself down and learn from tonight and not hide.”

Designated penalty takers

As disappointing as it is for the Fulham fans, there will be no one more disappointed than the player himself.

Though it has to be asked who are the designated penalty takers at Fulham as it was surprising to see Lookman given the responsibility with the likes of Mitrovic and Cairney on the pitch.

Panenka in the past

What the Fulham forward did was utterly embarrassing and showed a shocking lack of judgement but the player does have a history of scoring penalties with a panenka in the past –


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