Wigan Athletic makes it on the US election coverage

The world watched curiously as the 2020 elections took place in the United States of America.

Many of us were glued to our television sets in the past few days as Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to become the 46th president of America.

Football took a backseat for the majority in America but not for one traveling Wigan Athletic fan.

Viewers watching the election results on CBS News were met with a pleasant surprise when the presenter interviewed a Latics faithful at the Times Square and asked his opinion on Biden winning the elections.

Quite brilliantly, the fan used his moment in limelight to spread awareness about the club as he shouted the “up the Tics” live on TV –

A moment of comical relief for the Wigan fans who have suffered a lot in this past year.

The club entered administration on 1st of July as the finances took a massive hit because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The club had to sell numerous players to balance the books and lost manager Paul Cook when they were relegated from the Championship following a 12-point deduction.


By Surjit Patowary

Extremely passionate, detail-oriented when it comes to football. Obsessed with the news. Fact-checking is life!

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