Liverpool fan Rick Edwards takes the mickey out of Everton on BBC show ‘Impossible’

Massive Liverpool fan and presenter on BBC show Impossible, Rick Edwards took shots at Everton’s nonexistent Champions League credentials last night.

Rapidly becoming one of the most popular quiz shows since its inception in 2017, Impossible features questions in which contestants must avoid giving impossible answers to give themselves a chance of winning £10,000.

Case in point, this question last night – “In which year of the 1990’s did Everton win the Champions League?”

The contestant (Daniel) knew his football and was right on the money as he hit the buzzer and said “impossible”.

Edwards responded – “Of course it’s impossible, Everton have NEVER won the Champions League”.

Reds fans on the internet have been left absolutely howling on this bit from the show. Check out the clip below –

Everton have only played 10 Champions League matches throughout their history. Out of which the Toffees have won 2, drawn 5 and lost 3 of them.


By Surjit Patowary

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