Donald Trump tags a random Leeds United fan on Twitter

If Donald Trump thought the last two weeks were bad for him, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

The soon-to-be-replaced President of United States of America is facing the wrath of the Leeds United fanbase on Twitter currently.

Donald Trump, in an attempt to take down Fox News by mocking Pete Buttigieg (politician with affiliations to the Democratic Party), wrongly tagged a Leeds United fan who goes by the moniker Alfred E. Newman on Twitter.

I know what you are thinking, Pete Buttigieg, Alfred E Newman….doesn’t make any sense.

For Trump it does, because he has often referred (mockingly) to Pete Buttigieg as Alfred E Neuman, the fictitious mascot and cover boy of the American humor magazine Mad.

The LUFC fanbase could be seen fighting on behalf of their fellow supporter considering the amount of abuse he might be receiving because of the tweet from Donald Trump.

Sensible move from the Leeds United fan though, who, it seems, has locked his Twitter account –

Not the first time for fans of an English club to have been involved in the US election coverage after a Wigan Athletic fan went famous for his antics few days ago.


By Surjit Patowary

Extremely passionate, detail-oriented when it comes to football. Obsessed with the news. Fact-checking is life!

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